Though energy healing therapies (all a part of the above mentioned therapies) have been in use in diverse cultures for centuries, it is only recently that Western science recognizes its value. There are numerous modalities and approaches.

With the recognition of the body's magnetic field energies, scientific research now acknowledges the value of the subtle adjustments used in these long administered techniques.

Our body is surrounded by a HUMAN ENERGY FIELD (HEF) that acts as an information center to the trained practitioner and functions as a highly sensitive perceptual system. Unhealthy conditions, disease and pain are a result of an imbalance in our HEF. Energy Healing along with additional therapies is the art and science of creating and sustaining an appropriate balance in the cells of tissues and organs resulting in good health and well being. Patterning and Brain Remapping is a neurologically based therapy of teaching or re-teaching the healthy brain cells of an individual to take over the functions of that part of the brain injured through a wide variety of prenatal, perinatal and postnatal accidents. The trauma can be profound, severe and moderate to mild. Most medical procedures are not prepared to deal with these "abnormal" conditions. Sensory Motor Development and Patterning techniques offer a unique training and teaching process, which can be learned and administered in the home by family members to improve the mental and physical performance of the individual who has experienced brain injury.



KI-IKI JUTSU IS GENTLE AND SOOTHING. The KI method brings balance to the body’s vital life supporting electrical active systems. It purports to allow the body to function more efficiently, feel better, and heal more rapidly.

The Ki Method® does not force a response from the electrical systems. There is no trauma or negative effects from the usage of this method.

The summation of Ki-IKI JUTSU is, if we’re able to enhance or improve the circulation of all the bodily fluids which relate to controlling the multiple functions of the human body and enable the electrical energy to circulate unrestricted, what aspect of the human being could not be influenced. The KI Method® of therapy directly affects all physical, mental, and emotional functions. The focus is to address the core causes and affect a more encompassing positive change without any risk of producing repercussions.

KI-IKI JUTSU can be applied easily to yourself or to another person in a totally non-invasive manner. It is utilized most commonly as a very light hands-on method over clothing in a powerful but gentle way of physiologically increasing the body’s endogenous (produced within) bioelectrical current to restore proper electrical conductivity and circulation.

Restoring proper bioelectrical circulation facilitates proper bodily functions, which means it assists all systems in the body to function correctly. Results can be obtained with a very simple generalized KI procedure or a vast number of KI procedure options to help a particular symptom or body function.

KI-IKI JUTSU, which is the focused aspect of the KI Method® is applied by placing the finger, fingers, or hands on two areas of the body at the same time. One correlation which takes place is similar to connecting circuits to stimulate and generate the activity of the conductive electrical energy to move and circulate which is (increased conductivity). The results of the activity which occur are relief of tension and stress in the area. This interaction allows the bioelectrical energy to properly circulate throughout the pathways of circuitry of the body as originally intended.

Another powerful aspect of what this coordinated touch to the body accomplishes is a communication with the body on a cellular communication level (autonomic responses), which the body’s cellular system understands - whether we do or not.