about Walter E (Gene) Lewis, C.D.N.O, S.M.D.


Walter E. (Gene) Lewis, C.D.N.O. S.M.D., Grew up in a small South Georgia town. He graduated high school and went on to his first undergraduate degrees at South Georgia College and later at Georgia State University. He began his professional career in the mid-’70s.  His specialty is offering alternative healing options to parents and caregivers of individuals suffering from brain injuries and other physical and emotional difficulties. His training began at the Philadelphia Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. Further studies in Energy Medicine with Dr. Fernand Poulin of the Whitewinds Institute, Spiritual Response & Brain Repatterning Therapy with Eric Scott of the Spiritual Response Association, also Ki-Iki-Jutsu with Dr. Glenn King of the King Institute, BioGenesis, Reiki and numerous other seminar/workshops with other specialists, plus his own 40 and more years of experience in the field has made him one of the top SENSORY MOTOR DEVELOPMENTALISTS in the world.

Contact him directly at 229 679-5069 (Shellman) and by e-mail at: wel@windstream.net